Thousands of Mercenaries Still in Libya Despite International Calls for Removal


The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said that a week had passed since the deadline ended for foreign mercenaries to leave Libya. Yet, thousands of Syrian fighters remain in Libya.

The SOHR added that according to the Libyan-Libyan agreement reached on October 23rd, 2020, all foreign fighters in Libya are supposed to leave the country in no more than three months starting from the beginning of the ceasefire. However, thousands of mercenaries of Turkish-backed factions are still in Libya.

Even the groups of Turkish-backed mercenaries who recently returned to Syria were followed by a renewed influx of fighters to Libya. This development coincides with ongoing international calls demanding the departure of foreign forces from Libya.

On Wednesday, valuable SOHR sources confirmed that a state of anger was prevailing among Turkish-backed Syrian mercenaries in Libya. A group of mercenaries was given a short deadline to return to Syria or Turkey. However, the return of this group was cancelled, which only further ignited new discontent among the mercenaries who had packed and were ready to return.

According to the SOHR, reliable sources said that a new group of Turkish-backed Syrian mercenaries in Libya was expected to return to Syria or Turkey in a matter of hours. Nearly 150 mercenaries were informed by their commanders to prepare themselves for a return.