2 Children Kidnapped in Libyan Capital Tripoli


On Saturday, Libyan security forces managed to retrieve two children hours after they had been kidnapped. They were kidnapped whilst they were sleeping in their father’s car which was stolen.

The police received a report stating that two children had been kidnapped inside their father’s car in front of their house in the Khallet Al-Furjan area, south of Tripoli.

The children were kidnapped just seconds after their father left the car to open the garage door, according to a statement published by the Tripoli Security Directorate.

The police added that the car, with the two children inside it, was found on a public road after the perpetrator left it and got away. The car and the children were handed over to Ain Zara police station to complete the investigation procedures.

The phenomenon of disappearances and kidnappings of citizens has spread in Libya. The United Nations (UN) and human rights organizations condemned the disappearance of Libyans by militant groups.

Last October, the Head of Libyan Media Office, Mohamed Baio, and his two sons were kidnapped in Tripoli by armed militia, before being released in November. The United States (US) and the United National Support Mission to Libya (UNSMIL), condemned the unlawful detention and reaffirmed their support for the rule of law, the protection of journalists, ‎and the freedom of expression of all Libyans.