Will Fathi Bashagha Run for Presidency in December?


On Saturday, the Interior Minister of the outgoing Government of National Accord (GNA), Fathi Bashagha, announced his intention to run for the coming Libyan Presidential elections scheduled for December 24th.

In an interview with the French magazine, Le Point, Bashagha said that his electoral program is based on maintaining security, homeland unity, and national reconciliation, with the main goal being to ensure stability in the North African country.

He added that achieving national reconciliation would open the door for international companies and investors to return to work in Libya, especially in the field of the country’s infrastructure.

Bashagha explained that his electoral program will focus on citizenship, fighting corruption, promoting diversity in terms of origins and ethnicities, as well as strengthening the private sector.

Regarding his position on foreign interference in Libya, Bashagha emphasized his intention to strengthen state institutions so that they are able to stand against any foreign interference, voicing his keenness to cooperate with everyone for the benefit of Libya.