Libyan Official Arrested in Tripoli


On Thursday, the United Nations Support Mission In Libya (UNSMIL) voiced its deep concern over the safety of Abdel-Khaliq Mohamed Misbah Ibrahim, a Libyan Foreign Bank official who was arbitrarily arrested in central Tripoli.

In a statement, the mission called on the judicial authorities to immediately intervene to release Ibrahim or to produce him before a competent court without delay. This is in line with Libya’s national and international human rights obligations.

Furthermore, it called on the new Government of National Unity (GNU) to prioritize the release of all persons illegally detained in Libya, both in official detention centers as well as those arrested by armed groups.

Last October, Head of the Libyan Media Office Mohamed Baio, and his two sons were kidnapped in Tripoli by an armed militia, before being released in November. The United States and UNSMIL condemned the unlawful detention, and reaffirmed their support for the rule of law, the protection of journalists, ‎and the freedom of expression of all Libyans.