“Al-Sumood Brigade” Commander Assassinated in Libyan Capital


Prominent Militiaman, Mohamed Salem commonly known as ‘Damona’ was assassinated on Monday morning, in Tripoli.

Witnesses confirmed that gunmen shot at Damona’s vehicle, leaving two of his bodyguards in critical condition. The injured guards were transferred to the intensive care unit at Tripoli hospital.

Damona was the Chief Security Commander in the National Salvation Government, and one of the leaders in the Al-Samoud Brigade, led by Salah Badi.

Libya suffers from extrajudicial killings, and prominent public assassination attempts.

Last week, unidentified gunmen in Benghazi shot dead Special Forces commander in the Libyan National Army (LNA), Mahmoud Al-Wirfalli. The LNA commander and two of his bodyguards were attacked outside the Arab Medical University Hospital.