Syrian Mercenaries use Money Received in Libya to Open Private Businesses


The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported that many Syrian mercenaries started private projects to overcome the difficulties of life in Syria after returning from battles in Libya.

A young Syrian man known by his initials as KH.M. told SOHR that he was one of these fighters recruited by Turkey and sent to fight in Libya. “He opened a public swimming pool with a friend with an estimated contribution of $10,000 he received for fighting in Libya, where he remained for six months with the al-Hamza Division,” SOHR noted.

The young man added that he has a family of six, and since their displacement he has been working in various professions for a small wage. “After his living conditions deteriorated, he joined the Syrian National Army and then went to fight in Libya,” SOHR said.

SOHR also interviewed another Syrian man known by his initials as A.A., who said he stayed in Libya for nearly six months and received $10,000 for his military services. He opened a shop for sales and maintenance of phones.

SOHR also met with R.M., a former fighter for the Al-Sham Corps. He told SOHR that he bought a car after receiving $7,500 in return for fighting in Libya for nearly five months.

Earlier, SOHR reported that Turkey transferred more than 18,000 mercenaries from Syria to western Libya, among former fighters of ISIS and Al-Qaeda.