Will the Libyan Parliament Approve New State Budget?


The Libyan Parliament called on MPs to attend a plenary session scheduled for next Monday in Tobruk to discuss the state’s budget bill.

In a statement published on its official website, the Libyan Parliament called on the Planning, Finance and General Budget Committees to submit their report on the draft before the scheduled session.

On Thursday, Chairman of the Libyan Audit Bureau, Omar Abdel-Rabbah sent a series of remarks to Parliament Speaker Ageela Saleh, on the draft law for the general budget. In a report, the Audit Bureau stressed the need to reconsider the draft law, and amend it in a way that deals with the real needs of the government.

It added that the Government of National Unity (GNU) should have focused on public issues related to addressing “the COVID-19 pandemic, electricity crisis, drug security, and preparations for the upcoming elections.” The report pointed out that the government’s allocation of 22 billion and 350 million dinars to development projects without giving further details indicates the haste in outlining the draft law.