Libyan Embassies to Start Issuing Passports Soon


The Libyan Ministry of Foreign Affairs has authorized the installation of passport issuing systems in a number of diplomatic missions. This is to “overcome difficulties and provide the best services to citizens without exception.” This step came at the recommendation of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Najla Al-Mangoush in coordination with Minister of Interior, Khaled Mazen.

In a statement on Friday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that this was within the framework of the Government of National Unity’s (GNU) endeavour to “provide services to the Libyan citizen with ease and flexibility.” Work will begin to install these state of the art systems to issue passports for Libyan citizens residing abroad, through Libyan embassies and consulates.

The ministry pointed out that cooperation took place between the MoFA and the Passports, Nationality and Foreigners Affairs Authority to provide the required equipment and technical knowledge to install passport stations.

The statement pointed out that the embassies and consulates will begin the process of issuing new passports in the coming days. This would allow the Libyan diaspora abroad to be able to submit their requests directly to Libyan embassies and consulates, and be issued new travel documents.

The ministry added that the first phase will be the installation of these systems through the following diplomatic missions:

The Libyan Embassy in Sliema, Malta.
The Libyan Embassy in ​​Rabat, Morocco.
The Libyan Embassy in Amman, Jordan.
The Libyan Consulate in Manchester, UK.
The Libyan Embassy in Washington DC, USA.
The Libyan Embassy in Cairo, Egypt.
The Libyan Consulate in Alexandria, Egypt.
The Libyan Consulate in Istanbul, Turkey.
The Libyan Embassy in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
The Libyan Embassy in Ontario, Canada.
The Libyan Embassy in London, UK.
The Libyan Embassy in Rome, Italy.
The Libyan Consulate in Milan, Italy.

The MoFA emphasized the need for work to resume in foreign embassies accredited to Libya, and to provide visa-granting services for Libyan citizens.