“Save Samia”: Rights Groups Launch Cry for Help against Disappearance of Yemeni Minor in Libyan Capital


The Libyan Crimes Watch organization, in cooperation with 42 Libyan organizations, launched an initiative entitled “Save Samia,” to urge authorities to work for the freedom of a young Yemeni girl, after she was kidnapped in Tripoli.

Samia has been living in Libya since the beginning of 2017 with her mother, and was among those registered and covered by the protection of the UNHCR. Gunmen in military uniforms kidnapped her on the morning of 11 June, in Tripoli.

“Although the mother filed a complaint in one of the security centers, no one contacted her,” the statement said.

“However, UNHCR and UNICEF are concerned with the protection of Samia and other children, they haven’t provided real assistance to protect her,” the statement added.

The statement held the Libyan authorities responsible for the disappearance of Samia, in addition to the High Commissioner for Refugees, “who did not take any real measures to protect Samia.”

The Libyan rights groups called on Prime Minister Abdel-Hamid Dbaiba, and the Interior Minister to review the detention centers of minors. They also stressed the need to ensure women and children are not detained with men.