Turkey: Libya Not Primary Source of Irregular Migration


The Turkish Foreign Ministry said on Sunday, that Libya is not the primary source of irregular migration, expressing its regret over the recent tragedy that occurred in the Mediterranean which claimed the lives of at least 43 people.

Ankara expressed its deep sorrow over the 866 lives lost in the Mediterranean waters during 2021, claiming that “rescuing lives at sea is a moral, as well as a legal obligation of all states.”

Turkey explained that lack of coordination of search and rescue responsibility at sea within the EU, and endeavours to shift international obligations to transit countries, “is posing a threat to the right to life of migrants.”

“Neither Turkey nor Libya is the source of irregular migration. The root causes of mixed migration movements are continuing instabilities, conflicts, and poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa, Afghanistan, and Syria,” the statement added.

Ankara added that it is not possible to find a solution to this problem or prevent migration without eliminating its root causes. It called on the international community to find solutions to the root causes of mixed migration movements in the region, and to share responsibility and burden “fairly.”