Syrian Fighter in Libya: Turkey Haven’t Paid our Salaries


The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), quoting a Syrian mercenary in Libya, uncovered that the Turkish regime failed to pay the salaries destined to the Syrian mercenaries it sent to the North African country.

A video, which was obtained by SOHR-affiliated sources, showed a Syrian fighter expressing his regret for coming to Libya, calling on his fellow fighters to never deploy there.

He added: “the situation here is not good at all, especially after the Turks failed to pay us our financial dues estimated at $2000 per month, in addition to our inability to leave our houses following the intensive deployment of Libyan National Army forces controlled by General Commander Khalifa Haftar.”

The Syrian fighter pointed out that they all wish to return to their country, confirming that a big number of Syrian fighters are preparing to return through the Al-Shami (The Levant) Legion.

The SOHR noted that 30 Turkish soldiers have been killed in Syria, including 34 who lost their lives in an airstrike launched on February 27.

It is noteworthy that the SOHR has recently recorded a rise in the number of Syrian mercenaries killed fighting in Libya, now around 165.

The observatory indicated on Twitter that the rise in the death toll comes in conjunction with “a growing discontent among the fighters and their desire to return.”