Libyan Parliament to Discuss Legislative Election Law Next Week


The Libyan Parliament has invited members to attend a session to discuss the draft law on the election of the new Parliament. It has set next Monday for the session to discuss the law.

In a statement on Thursday, it called on MP’s to assume their national and legal responsibilities to complete the electoral process. It added that this will ensure the integrity of the political process, in accordance with the roadmap approved by the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF).

Earlier in September, the Libyan Parliament determined the roles and responsibilities of the upcoming president, as the December elections approach.

The Parliament sent a copy of the draft law to the Head of the UN mission, Jan Kubis. The powers and prerogatives of the President were set in eleven articles.

The president’s competencies include selecting the Prime Minister and assigning him to form a government, as well as being able to dismiss the PM. He is also given the power to choose a Vice President, provided that the Vice President and Prime Minister are from different regions than the President.

The president has been granted the power to perform the duties of the Supreme Commander of the Libyan Army, appoint and dismiss the Head of the General Intelligence Service, after approval of the Parliament. The President also has the right to appoint Ambassadors and representatives of Libya to international organizations, based on the proposal of the Foreign Minister.

The prerogatives also included the issuance of laws approved by the Libyan Parliament within a month. The President also has the right to conclude international agreements and treaties, which must be ratified by the Parliament.

The law grants the President the ability to declare a state of emergency after the approval of the National Security Council, provided that it is referred to the Parliament for approval within a period not exceeding ten days.