Egypt’s PETROJET Resumes Work in Libya


On Monday, the Chairman of Libya’s National Oil Corporation (NOC), Mustafa Sanalla held a closed-circuit meeting with the Chairman of Egypt’s PETROJET Petroleum Company, Waleed Lotfy.

The meeting was held at the NOC headquarters in Tripoli. It was attended by the Director of the NOC’s Maintenance and Projects Department at the Foundation, Najmi Karim.

From Egypt’s side, Hossam Kamal, Assistant Head of PETROJET, the company’s Vice President, Mohamed El-Darawi, and Ahmed Fouad, the company’s Development General Manager attended the meeting.

Sanalla expressed his joy at the return of PETROJET to Libya. He affirmed the Corporation’s determination to exploit the huge potential enjoyed by the Libyan oil sector. He also confirmed the NOC’s “desire to involve the reputable PETROJET, to contribute to the completion of huge projects according to the available capabilities.”

The Chairman briefed the officials on the ambitious projects and promising plans that the NOC seeks to implement, despite the recent shutdowns and lack of funding. The most prominent of these projects are the maintenance of dilapidated infrastructure, the rehabilitation of destroyed fields, and the maintenance of the warehouses of the Brega company.

The meeting also discussed what PETROJET can provide “in the fields of maintaining gas lines and port infrastructure, rehabilitating closed fields and refineries to improve the level of oil production operations in Libya, and increase its rates.”

Karim confirmed the Corporation’s intention to benefit from PETROJET’s expertise in the rehabilitation of destroyed fields. As well as the development of gas projects, in conjunction with the growing demand for it.

The PETROJET officials expressed the company’s readiness to implement these projects. They affirmed the reopening of their offices in Libya, and their keen follow-up on the developments in the Libyan oil sector. Nost notably the South Refinery project, voicing their hope to participate in its completion.

They also expressed their desire to harness their capabilities and expertise to accomplish future joint projects.