US Dollar Rises Against Libyan Dinar


The US dollar and several other foreign currencies rose against the Libyan dinar (LYD) during Sunday’s transactions in the country’s black market.

The dollar broke the 6 LYD barrier on Sunday, registering 6.10 LYD per 1 USD, while prices for Euro hit 6.67 LYD.

The Pound Sterling also rose by 18 points to reach 7.55 LYD, in comparison to 7.37 during yesterday’s transactions in Libya’s black market.

The Turkish lira also rose by two points, registering 0.86 against the Libyan dinar.

The Tunisian dinar increased by five points to 2.10 LYD.

The ongoing oil blockade, coupled with foreign interference and the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic, have all contributed in prolonging the conflict in Libya.

These factors have severely undermined the country’s fiscal revenue and economic growth.