Algeria Discusses Exporting Electricity to Libya


The Head of the the Algeria state-owned electricity company, Mourad Adjal said that studies are now being conducted to export more electricity to Libya.

In press statements, the Algeria official added that through the Sonelgaz complex, Algiers was exporting more than 500 megawatts to Tunisia, while studies on energy export to Libya have not yet been completed.

Last month, Sonelgaz announced that it will continue to export electricity to Libya on a daily basis. Especially in light of the electricity crisis in the country.

In press statements, Adjal said that “a total of 500 MW of electricity are being exported to neighbouring countries, such as Libya and Tunisia. This has been taking place daily for several years.”

In June, a delegation from the General Electricity Company of Libya (GECOL) visited Algeria. They discussed with Algerian Energy Minister, Mohamed Arkab and Adjal, ways to provide technical support to this sector in Libya, and mechanisms for developing the energy sector.

The two parties held talks on developing relations between the two countries in the energy sector, opening up prospects for cooperation in the near future.

They also discussed how to maintain the public electricity network and training workers.

Recently protests against political institutions broke out on almost all sides of the messy conflict. This was a result of anger over power outages and the numerous other failures of the country’s bickering factional leaders.

The largest such protest in years took place in Martyrs Square in Tripoli, where several hundred people took part. In Tobruk, demonstrators attacked the Parliament building, and set parts of it on fire.

The protests were called over the electrical shortage, despite the fact that there were other issues as well, demonstrating how minor annoyances can worsen in Libya’s unstable political environment.