UAE Calls for Restoring Momentum to Libya’s Elections Process

UAE Calls for Restoring Momentum to Libya’s Elections Process
UAE Calls for Restoring Momentum to Libya’s Elections Process

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) called for the “restoration of momentum to the political process in Libya, in order to hold elections, and to reach a genuine and peaceful settlement.”

Acting Political Coordinator of the UAE, Saud Rashid Al Mazrouei said during a speech before the UN Security Council that “it is important to make reports of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC), Karim Khan available for all UNSC members.”

He also commended the Security Council’s decision to extend the mandate of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) for one year. “This decision fits with the reality, and course of events in Libya,” he explained.

Al Mazrouei also noted the importance of “resuming consultations between the Libyan parties, in order to create the appropriate conditions for holding elections.”

With regard to the investigation of crimes committed against migrants, he explained that it is “one of the urgent priorities of the ICC.” He stressed the need for this to be “done within the framework of a proactive cooperation with the Libyan authorities.”

He also welcomed the arrest of two human smuggling suspects. He explained that it was a “positive step” to hold perpetrators accountable for crimes targeting migrants.

Al Mazrouei stressed the “importance of continuing international cooperation in working to dismantle transnational organized crime networks, and that this includes both countries of origin, destinations, and transit.”

He added that achieving accountability and transitional justice is among the “sovereign prerogatives of states.”

Al Mazrouei concluded that the UAE supports the efforts of the United Nations in supporting Libya. He expressed the UAE’s hope that UNSMIL’s efforts would be combined, to achieve the aspirations of the Libyan people.

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