Al-Senussi Family Holds Libyan Government Responsible for His Health Conditions

former Intelligence Chief Abdullah Al-Senussi and late Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi
former Intelligence Chief Abdullah Al-Senussi and late Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi

The daughter of Abdullah Al-Senussi stated that the family was holding the Libyan government responsible for her father’s health condition.

Sarah Abdullah Al-Senussi said: “We, the family of the struggling prisoner, Abdullah Al-Senussi, deny all rumors spread about him on social media.”

She added that “everyone knows our father’s health condition, which is worsening day after day. The medical committee of the Ministry of Justice is still being prevented from visiting him, despite all the repeated and continuous attempts.”

“Why are they prevented from visiting him and who is behind this matter? We hold all government agencies and external parties interfering with Libyan affairs for what is happening, and what will happen given the deterioration of his serious and worsening health condition,” she added

In September, the Magarha tribe and other tribes in southern Libya demanded the Libyan Presidential Council, the Government of National Unity (GNU), and international organizations release the former Intelligence Chief. This is in order for him to receive treatment, after the deterioration of his health inside prison.

In a joint statement, the tribes said that their demand “comes in accordance with the Law of Correction and Rehabilitation Institutions, which stipulates the release of an inmate with a life-threatening illness.”

They added that in March, Al-Senussi underwent a heart operation after suffering a stroke. A date was set for another operation a month later, but the specialist doctor did not respond.

The statement also indicated that he has a tumor located in his prostate, and was suffering from liver cancer. Previously, three medical committees affiliated with the Libyan Ministry of Justice decided that his health condition was deteriorating, and his life was at risk, in the absence of the necessary medical care.

The statement noted that “some parties are seeking to prevent Al-Senussi from leaving prison,” in addition to “the systematic prevention of healthcare for him. This indicates that they are slowly trying to get rid of him.” His lawyer was prevented from visiting him, and very few visits were allowed for his family.

They pointed out that “for several years, his case has been unjustly postponed for unknown reasons, to keep him in prison. This is despite the release of many political prisoners and terrorists who pose a threat to the homeland and the citizen.”

The statements explained that “what has been taking place in Libya for years by various parties, including war crimes and crimes against humanity is much more than what Abdullah Al-Senussi is accused of.”

The tribes stressed that “if the law is not applied on the ground, and to everyone without exclusion, we will have to escalate our position in southern Libya.”

At the conclusion of their statement, they called on the UN Security Council, the United Nations, the Head of the Presidential Council, the Head of the GNU, the Ministry of Justice, and the Attorney General to immediately and unconditionally release Al-Senussi. They held them “all responsible for his health condition, which may result in his death.”