Migration Crisis… Will Italy Establish Refugee Camps in Libya?

Migration Crisis… Will Italy Establish Refugee Camps in Libya?
Migration Crisis… Will Italy Establish Refugee Camps in Libya?

The sharp dispute between France and Italy over the migration crisis is threatening the security of Libya. As Rome is reportedly planning to establish refugee camps in the country.

Libyan analysts, who spoke to Sky News Arabia, warned that these camps “will be used by militias to consolidate their presence, as well as by foreign countries to determine who takes power in Libya.”

Disputes rose between Rome and Paris after Italy refused to receive a ship carrying migrants. The French government was forced to accept the boat, provided that those who did not meet the conditions for asylum were immediately deported.

Italian Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni has begun implementing a strategy she promised during her campaign, preventing the influx of migrants.

Italian Foreign Minister, Antonio Tajani revealed an aspect of this strategy when he said refugee camps could be established in Libya and other countries, used by migrants to depart for Europe.

Meanwhile, Libyans have expressed their fears about the possibility of establishing refugee camps, and what they would bring about in terms of living and security problems.

Libyan political analyst, Ibrahim Al-Fitouri is “surprised by Rome’s hinting at giving money to Libya.” He said that the oil-rich country “does not need European money to be forced to receive refugees. Human disasters will occur inside the camps as a result of the military clashes taking place in the country,” Al-Fitouri told Sky News Arabia.

Political analyst, Sultan Al-Baroni noted that France does not approve of Italy’s cooperation with Libyan militias in preventing the departure of migrants to Europe. “There is no solution to the migration crisis except by unifying a strategy that ends the problem, otherwise it will worsen, and the price will be paid by Libya and its neighbors,” he stressed.

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