25 year-old Girl Kidnapped in Libyan Capital Tripoli


On Tuesday, unidentified gunmen kidnapped a 25-year-old girl, Wisaal Abdulhafeth, from her home in Tripoli.

According to Libya Review sources at around 10pm on Tuesday night, 4 armed men stormed the family home in AlKraimeya.

After looting the house, the armed men dragged Wisaal out of the house in front of her terrified parents.

Libyan Journalist Aida Al-Kabti sent a letter to GNA Prime Minister Fayez al-Sarraj and Interior Minister Fathi Bashagha decrying their inaction over the kidnapping.

“Where is your civil state in light of such assaults against Libyans? Where are your police and army to bring those criminals to justice?” Aida asked the two officials from the UN recognised Government of National Accord (GNA). 

“Have you lost your control over the militias and become unable to prevent them from harassing civilians? Why are you fighting for your positions while you are unable to protect the Libyan people? Why don’t you submit your resignations and admit your fiasco? You have ruined and corrupted everything.” Al-Kabti wrote.

She also accused the GNA officials of corruption and embezzlement of public funds, announcing that she would not remain silent before the GNA’s mismanagement.

The journalist called on civil society organisations to take up their important role of advancing the development of an inclusive and stable society in light of the absence of functioning state institutions. 

Overall, the GNA’s failure has led to the current breakdown of state institutions, intolerance and unwillingness to engage in dialogue and compromise, she stated.