Libyan Oil Minister Reiterates Support for Private Sector Cooperation


Libya’s Minister of Oil and Gas, Mohamed Aoun received a delegation of Tunisian businessmen, oil company owners, and the President and members of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Sfax.

This came as part of the delegation’s participation in the oil and gas exhibition, which will be held at the Tripoli International Fair, on Saturday.

Aoun welcomed the delegation, and touched on the depth of the relationship between the two countries, and the Ministry’s vision for cooperating in the oil and gas sector.

He confirmed his support for private sector companies, and cooperation and partnership with foreign companies in the oil, renewable energies, and solar energy sectors, “as a way to sufficiency and export surplus gas and joint investment In Africa.”

The businessmen also expressed their desire to resume operations in Libya and “invest in it, with their companies’ experience, ability and capabilities to compete in oil, gas, oil services and the development of oil fields, especially neighbouring ones.”

The head of the Libyan-Tunisian Economic Chamber stressed the need to activate the partnership between Tunisian and Libyan private sector companies, for integration and participation in the African market.

Days ago, Aoun met with the French Ambassador to Libya, Mustafa Maharaj and his accompanying delegation in Tripoli.

Aoun gave a “brief overview of the history of the oil and gas sector, Libyan oil laws, and development, which clarifies the role and tasks of the ministry and its relationship with the National Oil Corporation (NOC) and the institutions of other countries.”

Aoun touched on the development of the oil and gas sector, and the ministry’s plans. He stressed the importance of experienced international companies contributing to the development and exploration of both on and offshore fields, which have yet to be explored.

They discussed benefiting from the experience of the French Institute of Petroleum to contribute to the development of Libyan cadres and the exchange of experience and expertise in the oil and gas sector.

The French Ambassador presented his vision of the prospects for cooperation and contribution to the development of the Libyan oil sector. He pointed to the history of French companies in the Libyan oil sector, exceeding half a century.