Libyan Man Arrested for Domestic Violence in Malta

Libyan Man Arrested for Domestic Violence in Malta
Libyan Man Arrested for Domestic Violence in Malta

A Libyan man was remanded in custody after being accused of threatening his wife and putting a knife to her neck during a domestic row in Malta.

According to “News Book”, the 42-year-old father of seven was arrested after the woman filed a report about the incident, which allegedly occurred on Sunday.

The Libyan national, a self-employed plasterer, pleaded not guilty after being charged. His lawyers requested bail, arguing that the man had alternative accommodation, and had strong ties to the country since he has been in Malta for the past 24 years.

But prosecuting inspector, Omar Zammit objected to the request and underlined that the charges were of a serious nature. He added that civilian witnesses, including the alleged victim, were yet to testify.

The Judge rejected the lawyers’ request, and the man was remanded in custody.

In September, the Union of Civil Society Organisations in Libya announced the establishment of the Supreme National Council for Women.

The union, in cooperation with the Libya Pulse Organisation for Peace and Development, organized the first and founding forum of Libyan women leaders in Tripoli, on Wednesday.

Last month, Libyan Prime Minister-designate Fathi Bashagha stressed the need for women to assume leadership positions. He stated that their role “should not be limited to members of municipal councils, and the administrative and service sectors.”

During the meeting, which was held at the Cabinet’s headquarters in Sirte, Bashagha expressed his “full support for Libyan women and their empowerment in all fields, due to their high efficiency and their remarkable success at various levels.”

They also discussed the difficulties facing Libyan women, their social issues, as well as ways aimed to enhance their professional, economic, and political roles.