Benghazi Sports City Stadium to Reopen

Benghazi Sports City Stadium to Reopen
Benghazi Sports City Stadium to Reopen

On Tuesday, the Libyan Reconstruction and Stabilization Committee confirmed that the company executing the project to complete Benghazi’s Sports City Stadium has begun field preparations. The project’s completion is expected to be announced in the coming days.

This came during a tour conducted by the Head of the Reconstruction and Stabilization Committee, Hatem Al-Oraibi. He was accompanied by the company executing the project, which halted operations after 2011.

Al-Oraibi was briefed on the logistical and technical preparations. These include an administrative site, a residence for workers, and a site for the executive and construction work of the project.

He confirmed that the completion of the project will be in accordance with international specifications and standards, and under the supervision of a specialized consulting office.

Last month, Libya’s Brega Oil Marketing Company announced the successful operation of the nitrogen gas production unit in Benghazi.

The company explained that the operation was supervised by a team from the Fire Equipment Maintenance Department at the Ras Al-Minkar (Benghazi) Warehouse. The assembly and preparation took 30 days to complete, and begin operations.

Gas tanks with a diameter of 20 meters, long-distance liquefied gas transmission lines, and all other isolation processes have been disinfected with a product purity of more than 99%, following international quality specifications.

The company based in Benghazi said that the product “contributes to saving expenses and financial expenses for its purchase.” It confirmed that this step “is an achievement that better announces new beginnings, raises the level of work efficiency, and contributes to reducing costs.”

The opening ceremony was attended by the Director General of Operations for the Central and Eastern Regions, the Director of Operations for the Benghazi Region, the Maritime Facilities Coordinator, and a number of engineers, technicians, and company employees.