Governor of Central Bank Comments on Malta’s Seizure of Libyan Currency Notes Printed in Russia


In a statement to Sada Economic Newspaper on Saturday, the governor of the Bayda-based central bank Ali Al-Habri confirmed that the seized shipment announced by the US embassy in Libya is not a new one but rather pertains to a previous shipment.

The governor of the parallel central bank based in al Bayda mentioned that a law firm has been assigned to follow up on the matter with the Maltese authorities. He also said that the Maltese authorities “were unable to acknowledge legal facts and therefore seized the currency shipment without return it to Russia” According to Al-Habri, such a seizure “will be brought to trial”.

Al-Habri revealed that a statement will be issued on Sunday from the Bayda-based central bank regarding this matter.

The Maltese Government had seized $1.1 billion in counterfeit Libyan currency, which was printed by a Russian state-owned company named Goznak.