Libya Encourages Chinese Companies to Return


The Ambassador of Libya to the European Union, Jalal Alashi met the Chinese Ambassador to the EU, Fu Kong.

In a tweet, Alashi said he was pleased to meet his Chinese counterpart. “We exchanged views on many issues of common interest, Libyan-Chinese bilateral relations, and encouraged Chinese companies to return to the Libyan market.”

In turn, Ambassador Kong tweeted: “Very glad to meet with Jalal Alashi, Ambassador of Libya to the EU and exchange views on issues of mutual interest. China stands ready to continue to play a constructive role in the restoration of peace and stability in Libya.”

In February, China’s representative to the UN Security Council, Zhang Jun reiterated Beijing’s support for national reconciliation in Libya. He stressed that it is “the only path to healing and developing the country.”

During his briefing to the Security Council, the Chinese representative added that “it is important to solve the constitutional crisis, and a solution to the political impasse.”

He stressed that “all parties must work for the interest of the country and the people, and end the divisions as soon as possible for the sake of reconstruction and development of the state.”

Jun emphasised the need to support efforts to achieve progress in the political process in Libya, “as the momentum of dialogue between all parties pushes towards reaching an agreement, in order to hold elections as soon as possible.”

He also called on the Security Council to support the efforts of the UN Envoy, Abdoulaye Bathily, “to mediate and resolve the political crisis, and to conduct a peaceful settlement to preserve Libya’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

The Ambassador also discussed the need to “reach internal solutions, without external interference that would lead to complex consequences.”

During his speech, he also emphasised the necessity of the withdrawal of mercenaries and foreign fighters, as they affect security in Libya and neighbouring countries.