French Foreign Minister Signals Rapprochement With Italy over Libya


French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian stated that there was “great rapprochement” between Italy and France over Libya.

He stressed the presence of “a fundamental rapprochement and that the future of this country should not be subject to exploitation by external forces.”

“Libya’s future must be decided by Libyans, and we are determined to implement the commitments made at the Berlin conference” Le Drian said.

This is in response to questions by reporters at the symposium held with his Italian counterpart, Luigi Di Maio, at the Italian Foreign Ministry’s headquarters in Rome yesterday evening.

“We talked about Libya as we talk about it every time we meet and there is usually a rapprochement in this regard.” The French minister added.

He stressed the need to end “foreign intervention, and the flow of weapons”, which come from “the partners of the various factions deployed in the field”.

“We are following the same path and this is very important for security in the Mediterranean region, and this process must continue,” Le Drian said, adding “We are very determined and we will continue to do so with determination.”