Libyan Parliament Working on Resolving Contentious Issues

Libyan Parliament Working on Resolving Contentious Issues
Libyan Parliament Working on Resolving Contentious Issues

Libyan MP, Abdel-Moneim Al-Arfi has expressed the Parliament’s commitment to resolving contentious issues, and establishing a smaller, focused government.

According to Al-Arfi, the primary responsibility of this government will be to oversee the elections, with no external influence.

He added that the appointment of the UN Envoy, Abdoulaye Bathily is seen as “a move to facilitate support and promote mutual understanding among Libyans. Bathily’s role, however, is not to outline policies or impose opinions.”

During Bathily’s recent briefing to the United Nations Security Council, he made it clear that “there is no intention to reconfigure the current government.”

This stance adds another layer of complexity to the existing four points of dispute relating to electoral laws. These points include the eligibility of military personnel, and dual nationals to stand as candidates.

The recent visit by the Speaker of the Egyptian Parliament at a session in Benghazi has highlighted the need for Libyan solutions to Libyan issues.

Al-Arfi added that “it is crucial for the dialogue to be Libyan-led, without any attempt to retain existing governments or to impose solutions from the UN. This approach respects Libya’s autonomy and emphasizes the importance of addressing matters domestically.”

Notably, Bathily expressed his views on the work of the 6+6 Joint Committee, in a briefing before the Security Council on Monday.

Comprised of members from the Libyan Parliament and the High Council of State (HCS), the Committee’s efforts were commended by Bathily. However, he noted that “this step is not enough to resolve all the outstanding issues in the way of the elections.”

Bathily further elaborated during the briefing: “We have followed the reactions to the outcomes of the 6+6 Committee, and this has highlighted that there are still several contentious issues.”

“The High National Elections Commission (HNEC) has contacted the concerned parties expressing its concerns about the loopholes and shortcomings in the proposed election laws by the Committee.”