Libyan Forces Intercept Boat Carrying 45 Europe-Bound Migrants

Libyan Forces Intercept Boat Carrying 45 Europe-Bound Migrants
Libyan Forces Intercept Boat Carrying 45 Europe-Bound Migrants

On Thursday Libya’s naval forces intercepted a boat carrying 45 undocumented migrants of Egyptian and Pakistani nationalities.

According to the Maritime Rescue Office under the Tobruk Coast Security Administration, the operation was conducted in coordination with the main communications centre of the Tobruk Security Directorate, as well as the cooperation of the “Kampot” boat affiliated with the Tobruk Naval Base.

The statement noted that the migrants were in a precarious condition when their boat malfunctioned near Tobruk.

The boat was towed to the Tobruk Naval Base, and the migrants were handed over to the branch of the Illegal Immigration Administration in Tobruk by the commander of the Tobruk Naval Base.

In 2023, a total of 30,075 migrants arrived in Italy from Libya. Recent statistics from Italian Interior Ministry revealed that, in the first seven months, 89,158 undocumented migrants have made their way to Italy.

Tunisia stands out as the foremost source, with 54,693 migrants, which translates to 61.34% of the total migrant count. Trailing not far behind is Libya, from where 30,075 migrants or 33.7% of the total, embarked on the perilous journey to Italy.

Another alarming revelation from the data is the influx of unaccompanied foreign minors. This year saw 10,285 such young migrants, a jump of 83.5% from 2022’s figure of 5,605.

The migrant crisis, notably from Libya, has long been a complex and multifaceted issue. Libya, with its expansive Mediterranean coastline, has become a focal point in the migration route from Africa and the Middle East towards Europe.

Following the ouster and assassination of Moammar Gaddafi in 2011, Libya was thrust into a state of political vacuum and fragmentation. This made it a fertile ground for human traffickers to exploit desperate migrants trying to cross into Europe. These traffickers promise safe passage to Europe, often subjecting migrants to treacherous conditions, abuse, and even enslavement.