Libyan Oil Workers Protest NOC Training Plan


Employees of Libya’s National Oil Corporation (NOC) gathered in a demonstration, demanding the execution of the 2018-2021 training plan.

The protesting workers have called upon the NOC management to address their concerns, emphasizing that many of them have devoted their careers to oil fields and facilities and, therefore, require access to training.

They pointed out that their requests, “are not for extravagant luxuries, we are not asking for lavish cars, each worth over 200,000 dinars or more.” This reference alludes to the ownership of such cars by certain members of the NOC’s Board of Directors.

The protest included the participation of both male and female engineers. The workers have pledged to continue their demonstrations, until their demands are met and their rights secured.

They expressed their gratitude to the Oil Facilities Guard, while vowing to persist until they reclaim their lost rights.

On 11 October, the General Union of Oil and its subsidiary unions urged the NOC to expedite the approval of training programs that are “within its jurisdiction.”

It also requested the “facilitation of the implementation of approved development training plans, and the approval of pending company plans that remain unaddressed.”

Last month, Libyan Minister of Oil and Gas, Mohamed Aoun announced plans to increase daily oil production to two million barrels.

The Libyan government aims to raise oil production from its current approximately 1.2 million barrels per day, to 2 million barrels daily before the year 2030.

“We will begin to see the results of this growth within two to three years, and within approximately five to seven years when we reach the target of two million barrels per day,” Aoun said in a press statement.

Moreover, Aoun highlighted that this investment won’t be limited to existing fields, but will also encompass newly discovered fields that are yet to be developed.