Illegal Liquor Factory Seized in Libya

Illegal Liquor Factory Seized in Libya
Illegal Liquor Factory Seized in Libya

In a significant crackdown on unlicensed alcohol production, the Libyan Ajdabiya Security Directorate announced the seizure of a large-scale liquor manufacturing facility. The announcement came this past Saturday, highlighting a major step in curbing illegal activities in the region.

According to the Directorate’s statement, the operation led to the discovery of 28 barrels, each with a capacity of 200 liters, fully prepared for distribution.

The facility was equipped with comprehensive manufacturing equipment, indicating a substantial operation.

The seized liquor and equipment are part of ongoing efforts by security authorities in both Eastern and Western Libya to combat unlicensed alcohol production.

This seizure is among a series of recent clampdowns, with the latest occurring last Wednesday. The Public Prosecutor’s Office announced the interception of equipment from Poland used for making alcoholic beverages and raided a liquor manufacturing site in Zliten, resulting in the arrest of two suspects.

The Ajdabiya Security Directorate has confirmed that the case file will be transferred to the Public Prosecution as soon as the preliminary investigations are concluded.

This move is part of a larger effort by Libyan authorities to address the issue of unlicensed alcohol production, which has been a concern in the region.

The authorities are committed to enforcing the law and ensuring public safety by targeting illegal operations that pose a risk to the community.

In October, the Qawarsha Police Centre in Benghazi apprehended a local liquor manufacturing unit during its routine patrol.

The operation was part of a plan orchestrated by the Qawarsha Police Center’s Head, Brigadier Salem Boufaris, to arrest offenders and those wanted by the judiciary.

While patrolling under the command of Lieutenant Idris Al-Saaiti, officers detected a strong foul odor resembling that of alcoholic substances. The source was traced to an empty plot of land where 40 barrels were found containing remnants of alcoholic materials.

These barrels were seized and transferred to the police station, with an official record of the incident being initiated. The search for the landowner continues.