Libya to Bolster Maritime Cooperation with Tunisia


On Tuesday, Libyan Minister of Marine Wealth, Adel Sultan hosted the Tunisian Ambassador to Libya Al-Asaad Al-Ajili, to discuss strengthening bilateral maritime cooperation.

The meeting, which included Hadi Al-Tarjumani, Director of International Cooperation, covered a range of topics from fishing, and aquaculture, to coastal conservation, aiming to mutually benefit both Libyan and Tunisian people. Discussions also encompassed the economic interests shared by the two nations.

Sultan reaffirmed the commitment to ongoing collaborations, and highlighted the contributions of Tunisian firms in developing maritime infrastructure in Libya.

The minister pointed to a proposed memorandum of understanding awaiting finalization, signalling a future of increased cooperation, especially in areas of coastal protection and regulating fishing activities to prevent violations.

Libya and Tunisia share a rich history of cultural and economic ties, with the Mediterranean playing a central role in their bilateral relations. Both countries have faced challenges in managing their marine resources and ensuring the sustainability of their fishing industries.

As Libya continues to rebuild and stabilize post-conflict, initiatives such as enhanced cooperation with neighbouring Tunisia represent strategic steps towards economic recovery and regional integration. The maritime sector in particular, offers vast potential for job creation, food security, and the fostering of peace and stability through shared prosperity and management of common resources.

Tunisia, while more stable, faces its own challenges in marine resource management, and has been working to modernize its fishing industry and coastal protections. The collaboration between Libya and Tunisia in the maritime sector is not just about economic benefits but also about reinforcing regional security and fostering environmental stewardship.