Greece Supports Egypt’s Efforts to Solve the Libyan Crisis


In response to a press session regarding developments in Libya and Egypt’s efforts to find a political solution, Greece’s Foreign Ministry spokesman, Alexandros Genimatas, said that Greece supports the ceasefire immediately and resolves the Libyan crisis by engaging in the political process.

The spokesman expressed his country’s support for Egypt’s efforts in this direction.

Genimatas told Greek media that his country strongly supports an immediate ceasefire and a solution to the Libyan crisis through political processes.

The Greek media highlighted the speech of Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, which he delivered last Saturday during his visit to the Air Force combat units in the western military zone in the presence of the leaders of the armed forces.

Al-Sisi stressed the possibility that the Egyptian army would need to protect national security inside and outside the borders of the country, calling on the army to prepare to carry out any task inside or outside the borders if necessary.