Supreme Tribal Council Presents Demands for Ending Oil Shutdown


Sheikh Al-Senussi Al-Heliq Al-Zawi, the Deputy Chairman of the Supreme Council of Libyan Sheikhs and Elders, said on Sunday that they had presented their list of demands for the resumption of oil production in the country. This came during talks held with the international community about the situation in Libya.

In a statement, Sheikh Al-Senussi said that they demanded that the oil revenues be deposited into a foreign bank account. This will then be fairly distributed amongst Libya’s three regions under the auspices of the United Nations. The sheikh stressed the importance of avoiding that these funds are not be allocated for weapons, war, or given to militias.

He claimed that the adminstration of the National Oil Corporation and the Central Bank must be changed, as they are corrupt and do not work in the interests of the people.

He added that they will end the oil shutdown and mandate the Parliament and General Command of the Libyan National Army to negotiate the terms of the arrangement.

Finally, he called on the international community to intervene as quickly as possible to form a new Presidential Council in Libya. He stressed that the Libyan people wished to see an end to the crisis and wanted to rebuild their nation.