Libyan MP Calls For Changing Central Bank’s Board


A member of the Libyan House of Representatives (HoR), Mesbah Douma, emphasized the need to change the Board of Directors of the Central Bank of Libya (CBL). This was to avoid the continued closure of the oil fields and allow for the resumption of oil exports.

In a statement to the Egyptian newspaper ‘Youm 7’, Douma said that the oil fields will remain closed unless a mechanism for the equitable distribution of oil wealth is established in Libya.

He explained during his speech that the Fezzan region in southern Libya, which is rich in oil and gas fields, lacked the most essential needs such as water and food. It is also the worst affected region in the country in terms of COVID-19 cases.

Douma claimed that the ‘Northern Mafia’, as he described it, drained resources from the region and unduly prioritised other areas in Libya.

He voiced his support for the process of closing the oil fields rather than plundering its revenues for the benefit of the countries sponsoring the war in Libya.

The member of the House of Representatives called for the establishment of a new executive authority that would unify sovereign institutions and appoint personalities that are able to efficiently manage them without suspicion of corruption, especially in the management of the Central Bank of Libya.

“If not, mafia governments will continue to steal Libyan people’s wealth” he added.