European Centre for Counterterrorism: Erdogan’s Invasion of Libya Puts European Security at Risk


On Saturday, the European Centre for Counterterrorism and Intelligence Studies held a symposium that includes a number of international experts and specialists to discuss the position of the Turkish community in Germany regarding the Turkish state’s interference in Libya.

During the talks, held in Berlin, they said that the Turkish interference in Libya helped in creating a fertile land for extremism near Europe, noting that this will negatively affect German security, especially in light of Erdogan’s gambit to alloe refugees reach Europe in order to put political pressure on EU countries, especially Germany.

The conference’s outcomes condemned Turkey’s continued blatant violations of the United Nations arms embargo in Libya, describing Erdogan as an ‘unscrupulous’ president.

It emphasized that security in Europe is largely dependent on the stability of the Middle East and the Mediterranean region.

The conference also stressed that the Turkish interference in Libya will enhance the influence of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood group in the country, especially if Turkey managed to control the oil wells in Libya.

The European Centre urged Europe and Germany to pursue a strict policy against Erdogan in Libya and Syria, with a view to maintaining the national security of Germany and Europe.