Russia Says Libya’s Oil Revenues Must Be Distributed Equally


On Tuesday, the Russian Foreign Ministry stressed the need for Libyans themselves to manage their natural resources, without any external interference.

“Until recently, the proceeds of oil sales abroad accumulated in the Central Bank of Libya, which is controlled by the Government of National Accord (GNA)” the Ministry said in a statement.

“Although most of the deposits are located in the east of the country, the residents of this region were deprived of the opportunity to use oil revenues. This abnormal situation eventually caused the suspension of oil exports,” it added.

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs indicated that each of the three historical regions in Libya — Tripolitania, Barqa, and Fezzan — have the right to equal opportunities to income trom the oil revenues.

“It is necessary to create the appropriate conditions, first and foremost, and to resume the coordinated work of the national institutions responsible for managing the oil sector and the financial returns, namely the National Oil Corporation and the Central Bank. These must ensure a fair distribution of income from oil and gas exports among all Libyans without any discrimination,” the statement concluded.