IOM: Libyan Coast Guard Returns 72 Migrants to Tripoli


The International Organisation for Migration (IOM) reported on Saturday that the Coast Guard has returned 72 migrants to Libya who landed in Tripoli.

In its statement, the organisation added that IOM teams were on-site to assist the migrants, noting that Libya is still not a safe port.

The IOM also said that more than 2,300 migrants are being held in difficult circumstances in Libya, with deep concerns regarding the health and safety of migrants in detention centres.

The IOM stated that it had carried out comprehensive cleanliness and health campaign at the Souq Al-Khamis detention centre in Khums. Also, it had provided emergency assistance to more than 300 migrants detained at the centre, including new mattresses, basic relief items, clothing, medicines, and health supplies.

The organisation called for the systematic release of all migrants and said: “We continue calling for the systematic release of all arbitrary detainees detained in Libya.”