Cypriot MoD: Situation in Eastern Mediterranean “Becoming Increasingly Complicated” Due To Turkey


Cypriot Minister of Defence, Charalambos Petrides, stated on Wednesday that Cyprus would use all legal means available under international law to prevent Turkey from violating its sovereign rights.

The Minister said that the situation in the eastern Mediterranean is “becoming increasingly complicated”, due to threats related to terrorism, immigration, and the conflicts in Syria and Libya. Those threats are also complemented by the aggressive stance taken by Turkey towards Cyprus, and Greece.

During the World Conference of Cypriots Abroad, Petrides added that “the Nicosia authorities calls on all international organisations to end Turkish provocations. The Defence Minister also said that in addition to the authorities’ defence capabilities, Cyprus enjoys deep diplomatic and economic ties with other countries”.

Furthermore, rapid developments in the energy sector are creating a serious risk factor, that could have consequences for regional security.