New British Foreign Intelligence Chief Born In Libya


The British Foreign Ministry announced on Wednesday that, Richard Moore, who was born in Libya and served as the UK Ambassador to Ankara, will take over as head of the British Foreign Intelligence Service (MI6).

Moore is currently Director General of Political Affairs at the Foreign Office, and speaks Turkish fluently. He previously served as Director of the Foreign Intelligence Service and Deputy National Security Adviser.

“Moore returns to the Intelligence Service (SIS) with tremendous experience, and will head a group of outstanding men and women”, British Foreign Minister Dominic Rabb said in a statement. Raab added that “the people rarely see the intelligence services’ tireless efforts, but they are critical to Britain’s security, and prosperity”.

MI6 plays an important role in combatting international terrorism, the proliferation of chemical, biological and nuclear weapons, and in addressing information piracy against Britain.

Moore will take over his new position in the fall to replace the current chief Alex Younger, who has held these duties for six years.