GNA Forces Threaten Protesters and Opponents of Al-Sarraj


The “Joint Force” of the Government of National Accord (GNA) led by Al-Fitouri Griebel, warned all individuals and political parties against calling for demonstrations against the Presidency Council (PC). For those not respecting its warnings, he vowed a harsh crackdown towards anyone who incites protests.

The conflict remains ongoing in the south of Libya as well as in Sirte and Al-Jufrah. This further complicates the political scene for the PC, as various political agendas and interests reemerge.

The Joint Force threatened demonstration instigators “from the standpoint of maintaining security and stability, which is one of the duties of the joint force.” It also announced: “We warn all individuals, political parties, and politicians against tampering with civil peace, and the political path agreed upon by the Libyans”.

The statement concluded: “We will strike with an iron fist, anyone who tries to prepare and incite suspicious protests while the country is in a state of emergency. Anyone who tries to harm the leaders of the Volcano of Anger operations room, and the Presidential Council, will be stopped”.