Gang Demands $20,000 Ransom to Release Kidnapped Indian Workers in Libya


Seven Indian workers are being held hostage by “local criminals” in Libya for the last two weeks, Times of India reported.

The kidnappers have demanded a $20,000 ransom for the release of the Indians, who were working with a company in Libya, the Delhi-based firm told a relative who filed the report to the Indian police.

All seven workers were scheduled to return to Delhi on September 17 after the expiry of their visas.

The family of one abducted worker has appealed to the Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to rescue the Indian hostages.

Last month, Libyan security forces have managed to set free a number of Egyptian workers who had been abducted by human traffickers. The workers were repatriated to Egypt.

The six Egyptians were freed after being kidnapped in the region of Bani Walid, south east of Tripoli. Their kidnappers had demanded a ransom of 30,000 Libyan Dinar for each person.