Eastern Electricity Authority Announces Improvements in Electricity Network


The head of the General Authority for Electricity and Renewable Energy of Libya’s Interim Government, Fakhri Al-Mismari, stated that the electricity crisis is improving.

In press statements, Al-Mismari explained that the electricity crisis was due to a shortage of fuel feeding the power plants. He pointed out that with the increase of fuel supplies, there will be a noticeable improvement in the electricity services.

He added that the deficit in the network was around 1000MW, and it has now been reduced to 250MW. He emphasized that if the level of the gas supplied to the power stations rose in the coming period, there will be no shortage of electricity.

Regarding preparations for the winter season, he said, “We prepared an emergency plan during the coming winter season. It was approved by the Prime Minister, and the Speaker of Parliament. The Central Bank has agreed to provide us with the finances to complete this plan.” Al-Mismari stated that the plan is based on improving the generation of 100MW, in the city of Derna.

He emphasized that there is a need for maintenance of a number of important transmission lines. This includes the Qawarsha line to Marwa, Tobruk Musaid line, and other lines, in addition to improving the distribution, transmission, and high voltage services.