Libya’s Mellitah Company Prepares to Restart Al-Feel Oil Field


The Mellitah Oil & Gas Company is preparing to restart the operation of the Al-Feel oil field, also known as the Elephant field. This field is connected to the Mellitah complex on Libya’s western coast.

The company’s technical teams have completed exploration operations of the oil and gas transmission line on the part of the Sharara field, over a distance of 205 kilometres going north.

According to the company’s statement, the engineers gathered data on the specific distance detected within the crude oil pipeline, which has a total length of 742 kilometres. The statement added that the company’s technical teams could not fully disclose information for security reasons, as well as over fears regarding the spread of COVID-19.

The company said that it had worked to equip its workers with the cars, equipment, and devices necessary for the detection process. It included measuring and communication equipment, and other devices.