Libya To Operate Flights to Egypt, Tunisia & Jordan


The Deputy Prime Minister of the Libyan Interim Government, Abdullah Al-Badry, announced that the Benina Airport will start operating international flights within two weeks after taking the necessary precautions.

He said the airport, which is located in Benghazi, will operate international flights to Egypt, Tunisia and Jordan.

He confirmed that the airport will also operate domestic flights to the capital, Tripoli.

Last week, the head of the Public Transport Authority (PTA) of the Interim Government, Mohamed Abdel Kader, said the PTA contracted with a specialised company to sterilize Benina airport as a measure to keep the place Covid-19 free.

In September, the Libyan African Aviation Holding Company (LAAHC) announced that it would gradually resume flights between Libya and Tunisia, starting in October.

In a statement, the LAAHC said that all passengers travelling from Libya must have passed a coronavirus PCR test no more than 20 hours before flying.

Libya suspended all flights in March, in order to limit the spread of COVID-19.