Flights from Benghazi to Sebha & Ghat to be Resumed Next Week


An official at the Afriqiyah Airways, Milad Al-Hajrassy, expects the resumption of flights from Benina to Sebha and Ghat next week, confirming that the airlines will operate flights between Benina and Mitiga on October 23.

“The airport service technicians who accompanied the delegation that visited Benina Airport continued to maintain the airport’s inspection equipment to prepare it for work,” Al-Hajrassy said.

Earlier Friday, Benina International Airport received the first plane arriving from Tripoli, after a stop of more than a year.

In March, Libya suspended all flights to limit the spread of COVID-19.

Last month, the Libyan African Aviation Holding Company (LAAHC) announced that it would gradually resume flights between Libya and Tunisia, starting in October. It pointed out that that all passengers travelling from Libya must have passed a coronavirus PCR test no more than 20 hours before flying.