Libya Closes Migrant Centres


On Sunday, the Ministry of Interior of the Government of National Accord (GNA) announced it will close the migrant centres located along the coastline in the northern cities and replace them with centres outside these cities.

Officials of the illegal immigration file at the ministry held a meeting to discuss the memorandum submitted by the head of the Illegal Immigration Agency, Brigadier General Mabrouk Abdel Hafeez. The memorandum was regarding the review of the structure of the shelters and the most important difficulties facing the agency in this matter. The meeting was attended by the Undersecretary for Illegal Immigration, Muhammad Al-Shaibani, and a number of security leaders.

The GNA Interior Ministry said the meeting “concluded an agreement to implement the plan presented by the head of the illegal immigration service, which is to close the shelters along the coastline and seek the help of other centres outside the coastal cities.”

“Desert patrols will be conducted to control and dry up the main sources of immigrants and limit the spread of this phenomenon,” it said at a statement on its official Facebook page.

The statement added that, the necessary financial support will be provided for all these operations and to reconsider dealing with international organisations with which they are not associated through agreements.