Libyan Anti-Corruption Official Arrested on Corruption Charges


The Director of the Military Prosecution Office in Tripoli, Ayoub Al-Ajili, ordered the arrest of the head of the National Anti-Corruption Commission, Noman Al-Sheikh. Al-Sheikh is charged with concealing a report issued by the Commission’s committee regarding financial abuse in the military medicine apparatus and the Ministry of Health of the Government of National Accord (GNA).

This came in a letter addressed to the Combating Organised Crime and Terrorism Organisation on Sunday.

The letter pointed out that this measure comes within the ongoing investigations of Case No. 79 of 2020, related to financial abuse in the military medical system.

On August 19, the Military Prosecution had put 7 defendants in cases of financial abuse and waste of public money on a travel-ban list.

Recently, the Libyan supervisory authorities have arrested several officials. The charges are mostly related to corruption and theft of public funds.