Over 250 Illegal Migrants Rescued off Libyan Coast Arrive in Italy


The Spanish NGO’s ship, OpenArms, arrived on the island of Sicily, carrying 255 illegal migrants, after it rescued them last week off the coast of Libya.

The migrants, who originate from 20 African countries, were handed over to the authorities in Sicily, and transferred to two Italian ships, where they will be quarantined to ensure that they are not infected with the Coronavirus.

It is noteworthy that the ship belonging to a non-governmental organisation rescued these migrants from the sea on Tuesday and Wednesday, and at least 5 of the migrants died after their boat capsized off the coast of Libya.

Almost 100 people have died in a single day attempting to cross the Mediterranean on Friday. The migrants died after two boats sunk off the coast of Libya between November 12 and 13. The first incident took place 120 kilometres off Tripoli’s coast, the capital of Libya, resulting in the death of 74 people.

The United Nation’s International Organisation for Migration (IOM) managed to save 47 people and retrieve 31 bodies. The vessel was carrying 120 people when it sunk.