Libyan Parliament and High Council of State Agree to Resume Talks in Morocco


Members of the Libyan Parliament and of the High Council of State (HCS) are set to kick off their fourth round of meetings on Monday at the Hilton Tangier Al-Houara Resort. Since September, the two Libyan bodies have met in discussions brokered by Morocco.

The meeting seeks to take advantage of the success achieved during recent talks, in a bid to maintain progress and break the deadlock in the country.

On another note, 123 out of the 180 Parliament members pledged on Saturday to put an end to “hate speech” and “divisions” that undermine Libyan institutions. They vowed to hold “parliamentary elections and to complete the transition as soon as possible.” They also announced that all members of the parliament would meet in session, “as soon as they returned” to Libya. The Libyan Parliament, divided between Tobruk-based and Tripoli-based members, has not met in plenary session for the last two years.