GNA Finance Minister Says No Response Received from Central Bank Over Public Salaries


The Finance Minister of the Government of National Accord (GNA), Faraj Boumtari, has confirmed that his ministry had referred all letters about troubled companies to the Central Bank of Libya (CBL). He pointed out that these distressed companies do not fall under the national number and salaries system.

In a statement, Boumtari said, “We addressed the Presidential Council regarding a number of troubled companies, and there has been no response yet. We will apply more pressure to resolve the issue.”

“We have tried very hard over the past few months to put pressure on the authorities responsible for releasing salaries”, Boumtari added. “We demanded the provision of adequate financial coverage from the CBL regarding the financial settlements, which have not been approved, and resulted in the salaries being delayed. There are many decisions regarding salary increases, and unfortunately, they have not been approved in the past. We are currently dealing in the context of the available budgets.”

He confirmed that the judicial rulings have been suspended by the CBL, and that this matter is outside the control of the Finance Ministry. Boumtari also explained that he had submitted requests in all the previous budgets, and these were not approved. He said, “December is the month specified for financial allocations and salary releases.”