Italy: Peace in Libya is Important for Stability in Mediterranean


The Italian Deputy Foreign Minister, Marina Sereni, said Italian authorities are convinced that to address the crises in the Mediterranean, the priority must be on strengthening dialogue as well as reaching comprehensive political solutions under the auspices of the United Nations.

During her speech at the Forum of Mediterranean Dialogues, Sereni noted that the security of Libya is a part of Italy’s national security. She participated in the session ‚ÄúRethinking the Concept of Security: A Common Approach to the security of the Mediterranean Sea.”

Sereni added that achieving peace in Libya is important to achieving stability across the entire Mediterranean region. She also stressed that a joint approach by the international community is the only way to support the ongoing efforts.

She confirmed that the ceasefire agreement was a positive step to preserve the unity and integrity of the country in order to rebuild confidence among the Libyan parties. She also explained that the agreement will be key to allowing the resumption of oil production.